How to Quickly Clean Your Room

Dusting Oh NOOO. You have guests coming in really soon in your room and it’s a huge mess. Can’t see the surface of floor can’t find a pair of socks, all the headphones and wires and strings are curdled up and intermingled, you have a pile of unwashed clothes from last weak still hanging and making bad odor, you have some unfinished meals under your bed? Right? Might sound familiar if you too are living a hostel life and sharing your room with a roommate? But now that you have your friends coming over for a group study or whatever business, you need to clean that mess up really fast. And for that, we have got some affordable quick tips for you.


Prioritize and make quick decisions:


You got to see your room from a bird’s eye view. You need to take some time and look at the mess from a distance. See what situation is in hand and quickly start running errands in your mind and decide what is the first thing you need to get rid of. Maybe it's the smell that is making your room unbearable. Open all the windows before you start cleaning up and get rid of the smell.


Take care of your personal items:

It leaves a bad impression on your guests if they see your personal stuff hanging around in the room for no reason. It makes them uncomfortable. Get rid of them. Dump them if they are to be washed or put them back in drawers if the stuff is neat and usable.


Look under your bed:

The under bed area is usually where your dark secrets lie. Lol. Yes, that is true. You can find anything under your bed at ease so this becomes a usual habit of putting things under it so that it is reachable when you need it. You usually out of the habit can put something under the bed that you really shouldn’t. For example, some drinks or food and wrappers and they might come out as so0n as the fan is turned on. You don’t want such an embarrassment. Clean that area.


Use vacuum cleaner:

For a fast and super easy cleaning, you need a vacuum cleaner for your carpets. Once you are done picking up the stuff that needs to get rid of, you should start vacuuming because you don’t want your guests to step up on the dirty sticky floor.



Dusting is something you should never forget at the end. It is a blunder if you do all the cleaning and leave the dusting part as no matter how organized your room is, if the furniture and the stuff have durt on it, it will always take away your hard work of spending hours on cleaning. 

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